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Review Left On 03/02/2018
Sid Sidney

I have been with this firm for over 10 years and counting! From day 1 it's been an awesome experience! If I may say it's been by only GOD that has lead me to this firm! I have been with others firms dealing with other legal matters,but there's something very special about each and every employee there! Just to name a few David Falcon,Laura, Casey,Terri, Barry,Ben,Thomas,Matthew. These folks are very loving,caring,giving, patient, people! My view the qualifacation for a position with this firm must be "one who has a heart for helping and loving people"! There is a lady out in the Greenbelt office who helped me so much I just can't call her name right now! This firm is heaven sent,there are angels working at this firm, no please understand me real live angels walking,and working at this FIRM! Not once have I ever been left out to dry, with no answers to the many questions I have asked! My case has been a difficult one! Even when your case settles they are still in your life as long as you are alive! Where can you find a firm like this one that will fight for you after your case has closed! Once it's open there's no such ending to your case! I was heartbroken to See Mr, D. Falcon leave, but God gave me Mr. Micheal Herdman to pick up where David left off! For the record I am not a paid person who writes this I'am a real client of this firm! This firm has been HEAVENLY, SPIRITUALLY SENT TO HELP ME FIGHT THE GOOD FIGHT!

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