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Review Left On 10/28/2019
Laverne Onike Chesson

I consulted with Mr. Hunt on a malpractice claim following months of laser treatments for stretchmarks which resulted in complete vaporiziation of all the subcutaneous fat in all areas treated causing accelerated aging, loss of volume and loss of structural integrity to my skin amd derailed my career as a dancer, model and actress. I had already received a settlement offer that I turned down indicating they had accepted some responsibility and Mr. Hunt sounded understanding on the phone and set an appointment to meet with him. I briefed him on my case which was 11 months of treatments bc the very first treatment of fraxel resulted in severe hyperpigmentation and was refunded the costs and they then began treating me with milder lasers to restore my complexion free of charge but by the last treatment I realized it had completely done the opposite of what they claimed it would do. During the consult he took no notes and then told me to give them 30 days to make a decision based off a medical evaluation but bc he didn't take notes nor did he fully understand all the details of my case ; he failed to convey everything to the Nurse Practitioner. The Nurse Practitioner called me well after the 30 days and asked me one question and I answered, not knowing she had no accurate knowledge of my case other than what was in the medical records. My medical records contained a consent form for revision surgery that the doctor agreed to at a significant discount bc it w the damage from the lasers was so severe that it was impossible to deny the fact that it had vaporized the fat and now I had a wrinkled pooch and not just stretch marks. However, the surgery never happened bc I began questioning his plan for scar placement and he backed out of it the day before surgery and my $ was refunded. (,they had already refunded me the cost of the lasers and offered an additional 4,140 but the damage began appearing on all areas treated including butt, thighs, hips, back of knees and face and not just tummy. The nurse practitioner however was under the mistaken assumption that they had performed the tummy tuck which resulted in scars they had warned me of although we never went through with it and also did no research on laser damage and concluded that I had been made aware of the potential for fat loss from the lasers although the practice clearly stated to me and multiple times in the report that it was impossible for laser resurfacing lasers to cause fat loss bc it doesn't penetrate skin. So she was basically uninformed and made a decision off ignorance and lack of research. I then called and emailed numerous times to let them know they made a mistake to no avail as Ive never received a follow up call. It was a complete waste of my time and caused significant frustration and exacerbated the depression and PTSD I experienced following such a traumatic incident. They did me a favor though bc they are obviously incompetent to have made such a ridiculous oversight....

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