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1495 Bankruptcy - Palmeiro Law Group LLC

Bankruptcy attorney in Greenbelt, MD
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Review Left On 10/01/2019
Vicki Redman

Victor Palmeiro and his staff are excellent. They have been thorough, competent, reliable and compassionate. If you find yourself having to go through a bankruptcy or want to review the option, I highly recommend his firm.
Review Left On 10/01/2019
Thomas Kjorlaug

Victor and his staff are amazing. He really goes the extra mile for his clients and always responds promptly. I would absolutely recommend his office.
Review Left On 09/01/2019
Mo Grace

I wish I had contacted Mr. Palmeiro sooner!
Review Left On 09/01/2019
Jayson Nicolas

I had a great experience working with Mr Palmeiro. Very knowledgeable and honest.
Review Left On 09/01/2019
Justin Perkins

I highly recommend the Palmeiro Law Group. They were friendly and easy to work with. They really helped me out.
Review Left On 09/01/2019
Salisha Rhodes

I am uberly excited to type this review. I was so scared and nervous to file bankruptcy, and I didn't know what to expect. Attorney Palmeiro's firm made this process painless, they were very patient with me, and they thoroughly educated me on the entire matter. Palmeiro's Law Group LLC is true to their word, the price was reasonable, and it was a judgment free zone. The staff was very professional and polite. The staff was very organized and had a keen eye to every detail in my case file. I highly recommend this agency.
Review Left On 09/01/2019
4k Entertainment

When I enter the door of the office I was welcome and I felt very amazed by there work and how they can help me. I felt like I couldn’t get help until I went to Palmeiro Law Group LLC, the process was very successful and very easy. Anyone that goes to him
you will not regret it I promise you.
Review Left On 09/01/2019
Mike Rosa

I was referred to Attorney Palmeiro by a friend, I cannot express enough how pleased I was with the service and outcome of my case. Staff was very friendly and proactive. Highly recommended!
Review Left On 09/01/2019
Miguel Palmeiro

Over 10 years of experience - we send anyone that needs bankruptcy help to their office!
Review Left On 09/01/2019
Rachel Nicole

Friendly, knowledgeable staff. They helped me when I needed it most! So grateful to Mr. Palmeiro for getting my debt under control!
Review Left On 08/01/2019

Worse lawyer i called to ask about a consultation he told me to tell then cut me off to say well its gonna 500 to 3000 dollars we didn’t even make it 2 minutes in the conversation very unprofessional in every way i would not refer this law office to anyone thats trying to get out a bad situation that makes me very sick but i wish this lawyer the best and who ever goes to him

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