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LLC, Burns LawFirm
LLC, Burns LawFirm Reviews

Review: I was referred to the Burns Law Firm by another bankruptcy attorney who could not take my case because it was to complicated. Although I was skeptical that they could really help, I reluctantly agreed to have them take my case. From day one, Mr. Burns and Melissa (Missy) Rashbaum provided me with professional counsel that made me feel at ease and that everything was going to be alright. I am so grateful to Missy, Danielle, Mr. Burns and the entire Burns Law Firm for working with me on my case.... Read More

PC, Joy P. Robinson
PC, Joy P. Robinson Reviews

Review: I was in a really bad financial situation. I called Ms. Joy. She helped me reorganize my affairs. Helped me every step of the way. I would text her early in the morning. She responded. I would text her late at night. She responded.

One thing I really appreciate is how comfortable she made me feel. She’s like your favorite Auntie you call when you’re in trouble and don’t want your parents to know!

I remember texting her with the same questions. LoL. I was embarrassed and ... Read More

Law Offices of Ronald B. Greene
Law Offices of Ronald B. Greene Reviews

Review: Utmost professional I would 100% Recomend Ron his experience in financial matters is unmatched Read More

1495 Bankruptcy - Palmeiro Law Group LLC
1495 Bankruptcy - Palmeiro Law Group LLC Reviews

Review: Victor Palmeiro and his staff are excellent. They have been thorough, competent, reliable and compassionate. If you find yourself having to go through a bankruptcy or want to review the option, I highly recommend his firm. Read More

Wittman Joe
Wittman Joe Reviews

Review: He's very thorough and gets the job done. Read More

The Law Offices of Garrett & Coons
The Law Offices of Garrett & Coons Reviews

Review: Incompetent would be an understatement. They lose paperwork, forget to send emails and faxes. And when they do make a mistake, instead of owning up like an adult, they choose to blame someone else and lie outright. Even after their lie has been discovered, they don't admit. They shift blame. Three weeks to send an email. Two months before they realize they have lost important documents. What kind of individual says don't bring your child or else they will refuse to represent you? Don't waste... Read More

Holcomb Law Office
Holcomb Law Office Reviews

Review: So helpful and determined to help us out immediately. Saved our homes and totally understood our situation. His secretary Samantha was equally as helpful and friendly on the phone. Highly recommend Michael Holcomb. Read More

Foley Law - KC Bankruptcy
Foley Law - KC Bankruptcy Reviews

Review: Rachel is FANTASTIC. Thank you!! Read More

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