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The Klass Law Firm
The Klass Law Firm Reviews

Review: Great service Read More

Law Office of Philip Epstein
Law Office of Philip Epstein Reviews

Review: As a mediator, Mr. Epstein is absolutely awful. If you are referred to him for mediation, do whatever you can to get another mediator. He may have been sharp years ago, but not now. Mediation with him will be a total waste of money and time. The PG County Court should be ashamed to have this man serve as a mediator in cases.

PLC, Wise & Donahue
PLC, Wise & Donahue Reviews

Review: Wise & Donahue, PLC knew that my case was a time sensitive issue and they managed to address the family matter quickly. Back then, I was not able to see my son but now I have shared parenting schedule with my ex-husband. If you're looking for a family attorney in annapolis md, I'll recommend you here. Read More

Law Office of Ami Scarfe
Law Office of Ami Scarfe Reviews

Review: Will take your money and do almost nothing for you. When asked what we should do during mediation, "I don't know, wait and see" was the given answer. Took a $1500 retainer, did about an hours worth of paperwork and met with us once. When we decided to switch attorneys because she had no idea what she was doing, of course she came up with an expense report that magically justified the entire $1500, even though she did next to nothing. Avoid at all costs. Can frequently be found at a local corpora... Read More


Review: She's my traffic lawyer and shes fantastic! Read More

Royer Jeffrey S
Royer Jeffrey S Reviews

Review: He explained the court papers to my understanding and what needed to be done. He took care of everything that should have been done 9 years prior. Read More

The Law Office of Andrew Ice
The Law Office of Andrew Ice Reviews

Review: Avoid this guy like the plague. He's a really nice person but following his advice has cost me thousands. Very difficult to get in touch with. Takes days for him to respond. Always has an excuse (sick, family problems, etc). My new attorney said if I had gotten good legal advice I wouldn't be in the position I'm in now. I'm on Facebook if you want more details Read More

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