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Law Offices of Jeffrey B. Henry
Law Offices of Jeffrey B. Henry Reviews

Review: (Translated by Google) A very bad experience!
 For those who have had car accidents, do not go with these lawyers and be careful with who they are.
In 2013 my mother, my niece, a friend and I, we had an accident, and the legal process was done, we went to find these thieves, who asked for information filled stationery they sent us to the chiropractor, and in the end they just said come to Sign to deliver your checks. As we did not know about this, we were signed and my moth... Read More

The Law Office of Geralyn R. Lawrence
The Law Office of Geralyn R. Lawrence Reviews

Review: Ms. Lawrence represented me in a legal matter. She was swift and the case was dropped before my scheduled court date. She is professional, smart, and honest. I will always recommend Ms. Lawrence for any legal matter. Read More

LLC, Law Office Of D.M. Harris
LLC, Law Office Of D.M. Harris Reviews

Review: No I was not a client but she was supposed to help a family member of mine's and didn't. . Read More

LLC, Law Offices of Hollie S. Cutler
LLC, Law Offices of Hollie S. Cutler Reviews

Review: Hollie is nothing but amazing , she is nothing but a class act with a powerful punch , Hollie is dedicated and gives you 200% of herself , she is highly respected and recognized by the Honorable's of the courts . I would highly recommend her and will let you know there are no worries with her on your side . Read More

Matthew Penick Law
Matthew Penick Law Reviews

Review: Matthew Penick i will forever be indebted to you for helping me with my custody case! I would like to extend my gratitude and say thank you for representing me and being a force in my case. Without you idk what i would have done. People if you have anything you need help with when it comes to legality court cases etc. Matthew is your guy! Thank you Matt so much and i look forward to the future you’ve helped me gain!! Read More

Ashby Law Firm
Ashby Law Firm Reviews

Review: Not that hot for lawyers Read More

Fruitman Law Office (now Thomas Law Firm)
Fruitman Law Office (now Thomas Law Firm) Reviews

Review: I had started using Bob Fruitman as my attorney & he was amazing. When he became sick he told me that his son in law would help me & promised that I would be in good hands. Well Mr Thomas did not live up to the standards of Mr Fruitman. I had several people that I recommended to him nearly lose their cases because of Mr Thomas. He missed court dates, nearly caused those I recommended to him to lose custody of their children, divorces & one of my friends lost everything & is now homeless! I would... Read More

Law Office of Robert R. Laing Jr.
Law Office of Robert R. Laing Jr. Reviews

Review: I needed representation for one court date so I retained Bob Lang. Worst attorney ever. I’m now a homeless veteran thanks to his services and at $300.00 an hour and a $1000.00 retainer the title crook is more accurate. Wasn't even in court for an hour mostly because Bob had not prepared and maybe said a dozen words on my behalf. So i asked Mr. Lang for the $700.00 refund he owed since court was only an hour. Not only did he not refund me he sent a bill stating i owe him more money over a thousan... Read More

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