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Review Left On 02/28/2020
LauraLee Jackson

Was very helpful in my situation.
Review Left On 02/28/2020
JL Schaffer

Another attorney recommended Ms. Jacobs to handle my Family Law matter, and after my first discussion with her over the phone, it was an easy decision. Ms. Jacobs has a command of the law, but more importantly has a common-sense approach to representation. Many attorneys avoid Family Law because it’s a difficult time for families, riddled with high emotions. Ms. Jacobs brings a demeanor that suits those of us that need someone to think clearly on our behalf and provide professional legal counsel. Recommending Ms. Jacobs to advocate for your family is an easy choice.
Review Left On 02/28/2020
Di AGalvan

Worst attorney I have ever encountered! Dragged the case so we could continue to pay her, told us we had good chance of having a fair trial and she would be able to prove our case before the judge. Both lies, we could have read the Kansas child support laws and been better off! She did a terrible job proving the case, pretty much bend over to every demand the other party wanted, not only did we have to pay more, we now have less days to see our child and took ZERO accountability on loosing the case and tried to spin it to " i told you nothing was guaranteed" it was HER job to educate and guide us! She's the attorney, she is representing us!

Again, if you want an attorney to fight for your rights as a parent, she is NOT the one!
Review Left On 10/28/2019
Brittney Norton

Kristin Jacobs is a wonderful get firm attorney, she was straight forward but also spoke as if it was her situation at hand. She’s always accessible and provides honest advice regardless of the outcome and tells you what to expect and what’s going to play a factor in your case. We’ve worked together twice for the same family issue and she was straight forward with me and what to expect she also made sure to secure what I wanted and was able to find a middle ground regarding the best interest of my child and our family situation.. She is very flexible with payment plans understanding that courts fees and services can be expensive as well as prompt in filing necessary documents for hearings and judgments. I definitely recommend her
Review Left On 02/28/2017
Jake Bradford

Lawyers are expensive, but I'm getting a civil and probation case handled by the same office. Which for me is a blessing, it's nice to be able to use the same office for multiple legal needs. Albeit the situation isn't the greatest but I'm glad I've got good help for good pricing.
Review Left On 02/28/2016
Chris Carrera

Prompt, professional, reliable and affordable. I highly recommend the knowledgeable attorneys at this firm.

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