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Berkowitz, Cook, Gondring & Driskell, LLC

Family law attorney in Kansas City, MO
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Review Left On 03/03/2020
Jacob Renne

Arielle was amazing to work with. She was extremely professional, and from the very start, I could tell she was passionate and only wanted the best for her clients. She was very informative and helped me out tremendously in navigating the entire situation. I would highly recommend her services.
Review Left On 03/03/2020
Timothy Place

Preston Drobeck was tremendously helpful, put me at ease, and stayed on top of all the pieces of the puzzle through my entire process. I was thoroughly happy to have him on my side!
Review Left On 03/03/2020
Amanda Klohr

Review Left On 03/03/2020
Sharon Rensenhouse

Preston helped me with my prenuptial agreement and he was really awesome to work with. He was very thorough and he listened to my direction. I would highly recommend him!!
Review Left On 03/03/2020
Eiris Webster-Lyons

PRESTON IS THE MAN!!! He is there with you every step of the way and is always present and accounted for any and all meetings. Hold nothing back because he can handle the work load and will take on the challenge. If I could give more stars for Preston I most certainly would. I receive nothing but great service and fast responses the entire time. Thank you
Review Left On 03/03/2020
John Russell

Preston help me through a tough time in my life and I feel he did a fantastic job. Would recommend him to anyone I know.
Review Left On 12/03/2019
Doug Copple

Jim cook and Preston Drobeck are both great attourneys, I used both in my case and they are both very focused and do their jobs very well. I highly recommend either! I'm very pleased with the outcome of my case
Review Left On 12/03/2019
Fidelia Vandehey

Do NOT recommend this firm to anyone. Watch out.
Review Left On 12/03/2019
rebecca garton

Gail Berkowitz is a fantastic attorney who is well respected among her peers, which I find to be one of the most important aspects of dealing with divorce and custody issues in Jackson County Missouri. She handled my case well and negotiated on the behalf of my children and myself. She also cut me a break on some of the legal expenses. My advice to anyone getting a divorce, try to avoid the courts and spend your money on your kids but if you cannot do that, then hire Gail Berkowitz.
Review Left On 09/03/2019
Sarah Bare

I hired Arielle after a very traumatic end to my marriage. I walked into her office terrified and I left feeling comforted. Arielle fought for me and she advocated for me in ways that I could have only prayed for. I had a wonderful experience dealing with Arielle despite such a difficult and delicate matter. Arielle and her amazing team (especially her brilliant paralegal, Josie) were everything I needed them to be. They were reasonably priced, efficient and I believe I got the best possible result for my family. Thank you Arielle. Thank you for what you did for my family and thank you for tirelessly treating my case with the utmost professionalism and dedication. Hire Ariell you will not regret her advocacy.
Review Left On 05/03/2019
Jasper Mullarney

Erica Driskell is incredibly detail oriented, knowledgeable and sharp. Despite how complicated and ugly my case got, she was on top of every detail, every step of the way, providing excellent counsel and guidance. She also understands the process intimately and was known to and respected by the judge in my case, which is an important factor. I can't recommend her highly enough!
Review Left On 05/03/2019
Bonnie Hagemann

I give Gail Berkowitz my highest recommendation! I had a complicated divorce with 3 businesses and a shrewd spouse with a former judge in the county as opposing council. I filed the first week January 2017. I worked with one attorney who wasn't bad but whom I worried wasn't a match for the other attorney. After 6 months of no progress, I asked some of KCs top executives who the best divorce attorneys were. They gave me 2 names, one of which was Gail Berkowitz. I mistakenly hired the other one. After another 8 months and an extreme amount of money and no progress, I hired Gail. She and the team she put together for me (Arielle Spiridigliozzi & Sonya Roach) did more for me and my case in one weekend than the other two had done in 14 months. In 2.5 months my divorce was down and I had saved $150,000 from the best option the last attorney had presented. I really can't say enough. If I were starting again today, I would not even consider using anyone else. - Bonnie Hagemann
Review Left On 05/03/2019
Kristin Koetting O'Byrne

Preston is wonderful! I highly recommend him. He is a straightforward, smart and kind person. He is responsive, strategic and practical, and tries to resolve issues peacefully and respectfully.
Review Left On 03/03/2018
Kirby Kavanaugh

I have been with this law firm ever since the Fall of 2010. I was introduced to Christina Gondring, and have been truly blessed with her expertise though the difficult road that I had to endure going though my divorce. No divorce is easy, but mine was extremely convoluted. Christy was incredibly thorough in always looking out for my best interests, and what was best for my kids. She would look at all aspects of what I was dealing with, and give her guidance with thorough explanations as to her reasoning. I have referred many friends, family, and colleagues to her, and everyone of them have come back with overwhelming thank you's. I would never want anyone to have to go through the trauma of divorce, but sometimes it is a necessary evil, and I can say without any hesitation that this law firm is superior in this area of expertise.

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