Family law attorney

B. Garry Stewart
B. Garry Stewart Reviews

Review: Garry is a credible lawyer he has done a bunch of work for me and my family from divorces to criminal cases he is good at what he does and for a fair price i highly recommend. Read More

LLC, Gondring & Driskell, Cook, Berkowitz
LLC, Gondring & Driskell, Cook, Berkowitz Reviews

Review: Arielle was amazing to work with. She was extremely professional, and from the very start, I could tell she was passionate and only wanted the best for her clients. She was very informative and helped me out tremendously in navigating the entire situation. I would highly recommend her services. Read More

Waits Law Firm LLC
Waits Law Firm LLC Reviews

Review: Excellent attorney.. has years of experience and knows the court system.. highly recommend him. Read More

Jacobs Alexander Law
Jacobs Alexander Law Reviews

Review: Kristin Jacobs is a wonderful get firm attorney, she was straight forward but also spoke as if it was her situation at hand. She’s always accessible and provides honest advice regardless of the outcome and tells you what to expect and what’s going to play a factor in your case. We’ve worked together twice for the same family issue and she was straight forward with me and what to expect she also made sure to secure what I wanted and was able to find a middle ground regarding the best interest of ... Read More

LLC, Spitaleri Law Firm
LLC, Spitaleri Law Firm Reviews

Review: A very smart and talented attorney. She will always listen and take great interest in the situation. Ms. Spitaleri also has a great calm demeanor which makes the client/attorney relationship very calming and strong. Read More

Jennifer Oswald Brown
Jennifer Oswald Brown Reviews

Review: Great Attorney! Her and Erin Mayfield Craig handled my messy divorce. She was with me through thick and thin on it. Would highly recommend!! Read More

ATTY AT LAW, Christina Tulipana Gassen
ATTY AT LAW, Christina Tulipana Gassen Reviews

Review: Shes the best to have for a GL! Read More

Family Law Practice, Mark A. Ogle
Family Law Practice, Mark A. Ogle Reviews

Review: Mark is a leader in family law in Kentucky. He is very knowledgeable and always professional. Mark is dedicated to his clients and works hard to achieve positive outcomes for them. Read More

LLC, The Gambrel Firm
LLC, The Gambrel Firm Reviews

Review: Keith Gambrel was a Guardian Ad Litem on one of my cases and he went above and beyond. I would highly recommend him for a GAL appointment or a mediation. Read More

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