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Law Office of Shelly M. Ingram, LLC
Law Office of Shelly M. Ingram, LLC Reviews

Review: Shelly Ingram was an amazing help and support during my divorce procedure. She is very knowledgeable, professional, always prepared; just talking to her made me feel better and more confident during that difficult time. I am very grateful for all her hard work. Read More

Law Offices of Todd K. Mohink, PA
Law Offices of Todd K. Mohink, PA Reviews

Review: Todd is an amazing lawyer. He is quick to get with you to discuss your case and is very knowledgeable with the law. He knows how to handle and talk in court to the judge and preps you well for your trial. I highly recommend Todd for anyone!!!! Looking forward to working with him again in the future! Read More

Law Office of Fred Allentoff
Law Office of Fred Allentoff Reviews

Review: I worked with Mr. Allentoff over an extended period of time to negotiate and finalize separation and divorce agreements. I found Fred to be knowledgeable, professional, and supportive throughout our dealings. He demonstrated a superior understanding of procedure and legal process. Read More

Stewart Law Office
Stewart Law Office Reviews

Review: Mr. Stewart is a very passionate, sympathetic and professional attorney. He helped me get through a very rough patch in my life. I was going through a divorce and custody case and I was an emotional train wreck.. If it wasn't for him caring about me as a human being and the best interest of my chiidren, and being proactive on my case. My children and I would not have gotten the settlement results we were seeking and received in the end. Which were the best results possible given my specific sit... Read More

Bours & Lucero, LLC
Bours & Lucero, LLC Reviews

Review: Great service. Very knowledgable about the law and the process. Highly recommended. Read More

Kreshtool & Kreshtool
Kreshtool & Kreshtool Reviews

Review: Jeffery Kreshtool has represented my interests in pursuit of my divorce; and following in regard to both petition for contempt and modification of support against my now ex-wife. He has exceeded my expectations in every instance and each possible regard. He has demonstrated himself continuously to be professional, and possessed of the reserve, perseverance, as well as capability to handle any difficult circumstances. Read More

Law Offices of Richard K. Scott, LLC
Law Offices of Richard K. Scott, LLC Reviews

Review: Mr.Scott was very professional. When I first talked to him he did just what he said he would do. I would recommend him to anyone that may need a lawyer. He will continue to be my lawyer . Read More

ZM Law Group
ZM Law Group Reviews

Review: Ms. Maydanich is an outstanding lawyer with a wealth of knowledge in business law. She was very instrumental in the development of my business. She understands the challenges and overwhelmingness of starting a new business, and can help navigate you through the process with such ease. I did not have to worry about anything, and I am so appreciative for all she has done for me. I highly recommend her services. Read More

Law Office of Alex Greficz
Law Office of Alex Greficz Reviews

Review: Would give zero stars if it was a option, very horrible experience. Do not waste your time or money. I did the $800 flat rate package they offer to handle you documents for court and I wasted my money, took 4 months to receive documents that were requested day of hire and I gave him all the information I had that day, I do not know what took him so long, I may have spoken to Alex twice during this time he rarely ever answered his phone and his assistant is worse you call every day for a week or ... Read More

Diamant Gerstein, LLC
Diamant Gerstein, LLC Reviews

Review: This woman should be disbarred, She deliberately threw my Custody case under the bus, She pretends to have Your best interest at hand but it's really about HERs. She's Lazy mean spirited and A Straight up Liar... and forget about Avvo, there in collusion with the attorney's, In Conclusion, If you want to win your case, DO NOT HIRE THIS SO CALLED ATTORNEY, YOU WILL DEEPLY REGRET IT!!! Read More

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